Advanced Survey Reporting Has Arrived

I’m always super stoked to announce new features as we add them to MARE, and this one is especially exciting for me.

Today we’ve pushed out an update that gives you access to a bunch of new information about your survey responses.

Here’s an overview of what new data you can explore about your surveys:

  • What country the respondent answered from
  • What page the respondent answered your survey from
  • How many missed views your survey had
  • Whether the respondent was answering from a desktop or mobile device

Let’s take a look at the changes, and how to access this new information:

New reporting section overview

We’ve made some changes to how the survey reporting section looks to add all of the new information. The first survey results page is now an overview or dashboard of your survey.

Here is what the new dashboard looks like, and an overview of each section:


a) Survey responses by question

This chart will show you the number of responses each of your survey’s questions received. This is a good way to see if any questions are causing a large drop off in responses.

For example, if you see that questions 1 and 2 have 80 responses, and question 3 has just 40, then there is probably something about question 3 that is either turning off visitors, or making them not want to answer your question.

b) Responses by page overview

This overview list will show you the top 10 URLs where your survey is being responded to. To view the entire report, click on the “View Full Report” link.

c) Quick survey stats

This area will show you how many views your survey has gotten, and it’s response rate. A new stat in this section shows you how many missed views this survey had.

Missed views are views that were valid (example: the correct page) but the visitor did not see the survey because other criteria were not met, such as a scroll delay, or a time delay.

If your missed views rate is high, you may want to consider making your display options less strict on your survey – this will get your survey more views, and more responses.

d) Responses by location overview

This map shows an overview of where your survey respondents are coming from in the world. To view the entire report, click on the “View Full Report” link.

Other Survey Response Tabs

The tabs along the top of the survey results section will lead you to additional reports.


The answers tab shows you the answers to your survey, and allows you to filter your survey results based on various data points.

Here is how you can use filters to narrow your results.


If you are a subscriber to MARE Plus+ you will be able to add more than one filter at a time, giving you additional flexibility.


Responses by URL

This report will show you a list of URLS where your survey received responses.


You can display the survey responses from any specific URL by clicking on the ‘View’ link next to each line item.

Responses by Location

This report will show you a heatmap of the world where your survey results have come from, along with a list of each country and how many responses you have received from that country.


You can display the survey responses from any specific country by clicking on the ‘View’ link next to each line item.

Exporting your survey results

We have moved the download to CSV format link to it’s own tab called “Export Data.”

Here you can download all of your survey results to a .csv format file. This file can be opened in any spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel.

Have questions or comments?

We’d love to hear them. Leave us a comment below.

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