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As another week comes to a close, we wanted to let you all know about the features that were pushed out this week.

We’re excited to announce a few enhancements that we feel will improve how MARE works for you.

Let’s get started.

New URL Filter System

We’ve updated the old URL filter system for your surveys so that you have more power over how your surveys display.

For starters, you can now add as many filters as you want by clicking on “Add Filter”

add filter

When you click on this button, you will see the filter options.


This filter allows you to display surveys on any specific URL, or to exclude URLs from where your survey will display.

But we’ve also included a very powerful new filter option. This is to display your survey AFTER a certain page.

Why would this be powerful?

Let’s say that you are running an ecommerce store, and some of your traffic goes to your checkout page, but then bounces back to your homepage. Maybe they’re continuing to shop. Maybe they were scared off by your shipping price. Or maybe they didn’t understand the checkout process.

One way to find out is to show a specific survey to visitors that bounce in this way. Maybe you would show them a survey like this:

ecommerce website survey

Of course, you wouldn’t want to show the survey for actual customers, so you could filter out traffic that hits your order confirmation page. The survey filter would look something like this:


You could get some very interesting insights using a survey like this. If you have any questions on how to use the new filters, reach out to our support team or leave a comment below.

Other small updates

Archiving surveys

Previously, you could not actually delete surveys in your MARE admin panel. This week we’ve added the ability to “archive” your surveys. This will hide them from the main screen, but keep them accessible if you need them.

CSS improvements

On some sites, MARE surveys were not displaying correctly. This has been fixed in our release this week.

Password resets

Some users experienced some issues with resetting their password. The process has been cleaned up, and improved.

New email system

We’ve made the decision to change our email provider to a third-party email system. This new system should improve our deliverability, and ensure that you will get survey notifications on-time and reliably in the future. This is not a change that you will notice, but we did clean up all of our email templates.

What’s coming up

That’s all for this week, but we have some exciting new developments coming up before the holidays. Stay tuned, and please let us know if you have any feedback about your experience with


The MARE Team

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