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How to connect your MARE Survey data with Google Analytics


One of the major challenges with modern marketing, analytics and survey tools is getting all of your data in one place.

This is important so that you can segment your data across multiple tools, and have more data to work with – and make decisions from.

This is why it was important for us early on to integrate MARE survey data with Google Analytics – a highly used web analytics platform that’s free.

We’ve built this feature so that it’s dead simple to use, and doesn’t require any new code on your site to setup.

Just one click and you’re done.

But integrating the data is just half the battle. You also need to be able to setup your analytics account so that you can easily find the data you’re looking for, and segment it in ways that give you valuable insights.

Here are some examples of what you can segment using this feature:

Let’s say you were running a Net Promoter Score survey, and you wanted to see if the NPS of a respondent had any real world effect on the engagement of that visitor.

Similarly, you could take a look at how visitors responded to a product validation survey to see if certain respondents are actually engaging with your content and your app.

Or, you could see if there is any correlation between how visitors respond to your website exit surveys, and their interaction with your site.

In this post we’re going to go over how to setup the Google Analytics integration, and then how to use Google Analytics’ custom segment feature to give you valuable information about your surveys, your audience and your site.

Let’s get started.

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Case Study: Google Forms vs. MARE Surveys for product feedback


Running a website survey can give you incredibly valuable information that you can use to improve your services or products, get website feedback, discover bugs, gauge customer interaction or net promoter score, and more.

However, the technique that you use to conduct a website survey can drastically change the results of your survey, and your ability to use those results in a constructive way.

To study this, we decided to run a website survey in our app to see what the difference would be when using two different survey platforms.

In this case study, we tested Google Forms against our very own MARE exit surveys.

Before we take a look at the results, let’s take a look at the two different surveys we ran.

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MARE People Profiles: Understand The Context Behind Every Survey Response


MARE has come a long way since it was a basic WordPress Survey Plugin.

But of all of the features we have added to MARE, People Profiles is one that we’re especially excited about.

Why? Because it brings context to your website surveys.

It gives you true insight into the reasons behind survey responses, and gives you a lot of power to segment and drill down into the survey data that you collect.

People Profiles is live with every MARE Plus+ subscription, and we’ll be adding additional functionality to it as we grow.

So, without further delay, let’s take a look at what MARE People Profiles are, and why you should care.

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