How to Create a Net Promoter Score Survey Using

Net Promoter Score surveys are a great tool to find out if your website visitors are going to be helping to promote your brand, or hurting it. By calculating your Net Promoter Score (or NPS for short), you can quickly get an idea if you need to work on customer relations.

Here’s an example Net Promoter Score survey created using

nps example

Why does an NPS score matter?

If your NPS score is high, that means that your customers or visitors to your website are helping to spread the word about your business. They are essentially “promoters” for your brand. If your NPS score is low, that means that your customers are actually detracting from the spread of your business. In other words, they may be hurting your marketing or branding efforts.

Creating an Net Promoter Score survey on your website

NPS surveys are easy to create, and can be rolled out within minutes using MARE. Here are the steps you need to take to create an NPS survey, and to calculate the result.

Here’s how to create an NPS survey for your website using

Step 1: create a new survey from the admin interface:


You can setup your survey with any name or description that you like.

Step 2: Select the Net Promoter Score survey type from the question type drop down box

question type nps

Step 3: Update your NPS survey labels if need be

nps question labels

These labels will be what visitors will see as your “scale.” The default values usually work well, but if you are asking a slightly different question, you can change these labels now.

Step 4: Update the other display options on your survey

You can update the survey display timing, and position on the page.

nps display options

And you can choose which website to display this NPS survey on.

nps select website

Step 5: Publish!

Once you’re happy with your NPS survey, save your survey and go to “View Surveys” to publish it.

nps publish

Step 6: Analyze your results

As your website visitors start to respond to your NPS survey, you will start to see survey results in a graph located on the survey page:

nps results

To calculate your Net Promoter Score, you assign a ‘point’ value to each response like so:

(1-6) Minus one point

(7-8) No points

(9-10) Plus one point

Then you add up all of the points and the sum is your “Net” promoter score. The higher the better.

Here’s the calculation from the above chart:

4 visitors answered ‘6’ or under = Minus 4 points

5 visitors answered ‘7’ or ‘8’ = 0 points

5 visitors answered ‘9’ or ’10’ = 5 points

So 5 – 4 = 1. The Net Promoter Score in this case would be 1.

Give this survey type a try for yourself. If you need a account, you can sign up here for free.

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