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How to Create a Net Promoter Score Survey Using MARE.io

Net Promoter Score surveys are a great tool to find out if your website visitors are going to be helping to promote your brand, or hurting it. By calculating your Net Promoter Score (or NPS for short), you can quickly get an idea if you need to work on customer relations.

Here’s an example Net Promoter Score survey created using MARE.io:

nps example

Why does an NPS score matter?

If your NPS score is high, that means that your customers or visitors to your website are helping to spread the word about your business. They are essentially “promoters” for your brand. If your NPS score is low, that means that your customers are actually detracting from the spread of your business. In other words, they may be hurting your marketing or branding efforts.

Creating an Net Promoter Score survey on your website

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