Using Exit Surveys to Improve Your Website and Generate Leads

MARE micro surveys can be used in a lot of different ways to improve your website and help your business grow.

Using a pop-up survey can capture the attention of your website visitors while they are interacting with your website.

But sometimes you want to ask questions of visitors while they’re leaving instead of while they’re on your website.

Maybe you want to ask them WHY they’re leaving…

Maybe you want to ask them about their experience using your site…

Or maybe you want a last chance to get them on your newsletter list…

Whatever the case, you can ask these questions using MARE exit surveys. This is a feature that is available to all user accounts including the always free plan.

How MARE exit surveys work


MARE’s website survey engine uses a number of user behaviors to determine when to trigger your website surveys.

For exit surveys, we detect what’s called ‘exit intent’ which means that we think the visitor is either going to leave your site, or hit the back button.

MARE will pre-load the survey in the background of your site, and when we determine that the visitor is intending on leaving your site, we trigger a full page survey to try and capture their attention.

We pre-load your survey so there is no delay in displaying the survey. This ensures the highest response rate possible on your exit surveys.

How to create an exit survey in your MARE account

Creating an exit survey in your MARE account is easy.

First, you will need to create a survey. You can do this by either creating a new survey:

create a survey link

Or by copying an existing survey that you want to run as an exit survey as well as a regular survey:

copy-surveyOnce you have a survey that you want to use as an exit survey, you will need to change the delivery type under the Preview / Template tab of the edit survey screen.

exit survey admin screenAfter changing the delivery type, click “Save Appearance” and your survey will be updated. The preview of your survey will also change to show you what your exit survey will look like.

Once published, your survey will start to to receive views right away when visitors start to exit your site.

You’ll notice the above survey in your MARE account after viewing a few pages and trying to exit.

After all, we wouldn’t be a great survey company if we didn’t collect survey data of our own 🙂

Using exit surveys to improve your website

Here are a few ideas on how you can use an exit survey pop-up to improve your website.

Note, given that the user is leaving your page, we recommend using a multiple-choice question as your first question. This will increase your response rates.

Find out if the visitor was successful

You can ask about why a user was on your site today, and then find out if they were successful in their task. For example, your first question might be a multiple-choice type question:

Why using survey question

With the multiple-choice options being common uses of your site.

After this question, you could ask:

“Were you successful in accomplishing this task?”

With a simple Yes / No choice.

Using the MARE Plus+ skip logic feature, you could then ask them why or why not depending on their answer.

Or, if you’re on a free account, you could simply ask them to tell you about their experience trying to accomplish the task.

Find out why the user is leaving

This is especially powerful on sales pages, landing pages, or e-commerce shopping cart pages.

Ask the user WHY they are going to leave your site.

After your initial multiple-choice question, you could ask them if they have any additional comments. Most visitors will not fill out a text area type question if they are leaving your site, but the ones that do will give you some valuable feedback on your website’s usability or experience.

Run an NPS survey

Running an NPS survey can give you a good indicator on whether your visitors or users will talk about your brand, and whether that sentiment will be positive or negative.

We’ve written a great guide on running NPS surveys here, but using this survey question type as an exit survey can be very powerful.

NPS surveys are easy to answer, and you can use them as your first question in an exit survey with a lot of success.

We recommend using this type of exit survey after a specific set of actions and not just on every page of your website.

For example, target users who have seen at least 5 or 6 pages, or visitors who have read one or two blog posts.

Or even users of your app that have logged in, and used your service (like we do).

Supercharge your exit surveys by generating leads

Generating leads and newsletter subscribers is one of the most important things you can do on your website.

If you’re not growing your list, then you could be missing out on a lot of opportunities to grow your business.

MARE surveys can help with lead forms build right into your surveys, and you can also use this feature on your exit surveys.

exit pop-up lead formWe recommend adding the lead form after one or two questions in your survey. This ensures that you have a captive audience (ie they’ve engaged with your survey), and will increase the sign-up rate of your lead forms.

A MARE Free account allows you to collect email addresses, but a MARE Plus+ account will let you create longer lead forms to collect all sorts of information.

Your turn

It’s your turn to create an exit survey and to start collecting more website feedback, and generate new leads.

If you already have a MARE account, you can login here.

If you need to sign up, you can create your free account here.

Also, we love to get feedback and hear your stories – drop us a message in the comments below!

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