MARE Website Survey Features

Grow your business faster with survey data
and strategic lead forms

Website Survey Growth

Generate Leads

Any page on your website can generate leads with high-engagement lead forms targeted by device, location or question responses.

Website Survey Design

Complete Control

Control exactly when, where and how your surveys appear on your site with design tools and powerful targeting features.

Website Survey Reporting

Understand Your Visitors

With advanced reporting, you can understand every segment of your audience to build better products, content and marketing copy.

Discover New Ideas

Your website visitors aren't just numbers on a chart. They're real people, with real opinions and insights about your website, the market and your business.

MARE Website Surveys let you tap into these insights to generate new content or product ideas, improve your website copy, and optimize your website's user experience.

Micro Survey Examples

Get Context Behind Every Response

Collecting survey data can help you understand your audience, but without context, it can be very difficult to understand WHY someone answered your survey a certain way.

With MARE People Profiles, you can understand each respondent by seeing their entire history on your site, including page views & conversion goals.

MARE Surveys People Profiles

Pop-up, Pop-over or Exit Surveys

In addition to pop-up surveys, you can deploy exit-intent or pop-over surveys that display in full-screen.

Ask questions about why users bounce, why they didn't purchase, or what their experience was using your site.

Exit intent surveys

Lead Generation Forms

You've captured attention with your survey, why not use that opportunity to generate leads?

Not only will you build a larger faster, you can also segment your new leads and subscribers with the survey data you collect - giving you key insights into every lead.

Web survey lead generation

Integrate with your favorite apps

Share your MARE survey data with other apps so that you can combine reports, segment in new ways, or build your email list.

You can even setup custom javascript callbacks to create your own integrations, or customized behavior.

Google analytics integration

Precise Targeting

Precise contextual targeting lets you ask the right questions to the right visitors. Show surveys to visitors by:

  • URLs or groups of URLs
  • Device, browser, operating system or visitor country
  • Custom variables
  • User data such as logged in status, user level and more
  • Number of page views, scroll distance, time on page
  • IP Address or range of IPs

Web survey targeting features

Understand Your Survey Data

Don't just collect survey data, act on it. MARE gives you the power to truly understand your data.

Segment your responses by:

  • Device
  • Location
  • URL (page where survey was responded)
  • Pages visited before or after a response
  • Custom Variables

Plus, export your data for use in other database programs.

Web survey reporting example

Test It Out

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